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Behind every great goal there is always a great team at work.

The StudioRPR team consists of:

Andrea, photographer, graphic designer, and car enthusiast has been working with StudioRPR since 2017. He is an official photographer of Concorso Italiano and contributes to the production of the event magazine contents for the “Manufacturers and Designers ” section.

Elisa, responsible for the automotive press office based in Milan, has been working with StudioRPR since 2019. Always deeply involved with the organization of Concorso Italiano, she also followed the presentations of niche car brands Frangivento, Automobili Estrema and the exhibition on LMX at Mauto (National Automobile Museum). Elisa started with StudioRPR working on the Icona Design project.

It is also a great honor to collaborate with clients like Chairman and owner, Tom Mc Dowell, not only a great teambuilder but also a great fan of Italian cars and Made in Italy. Mr. McDowell coordinates a team of 10 people active throughout the year for the organization of the event that grows to 225 during the week in which it takes place.

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