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The conference ‘Electric cars, alternative fuels and the energy mix: their evolution’ organised by CAReGIVER on 5 March 2024 with the support of StudioRPR at the Politecnico di Torino was a great success.

The Aula Magna was full to the last rows and the audience showed a strong interest in the topics discussed.

This was the third meeting organised by CAReGIVER together with the Politecnico di Torino and follows the one on electric and hybrid cars in March 2023 and the one on artificial intelligence in November 2023, both of which were well attended.

The latter meeting was dedicated to highly topical issues and provided answers to the many questions on the role of fuels, alternatives to fossil fuels and electric cars in our future.

After the institutional greeting by Politecnico Rector Guido Saracco, the programme included an introduction and greeting by Renzo Porro, founder of CAReGIVER, and speeches by Federico Brivio, David Chiaramonti, Paolo Massai, Fabio Mingrino, Mario Petronio, and Renzo Porro. The meeting was moderated by Raffaello Porro.

The speakers present, technicians and lecturers, expressed their views on the changes taking place in the great transition towards the abandonment of fossil sources, with the aim of reducing both pollutant gases and climate-altering gases, in order to curb health damage and anthropogenic atmospheric warming.

We can consider ourselves very satisfied with the work done to organise this conference and the results obtained, which were made possible thanks to the valuable collaboration with CAReGIVER.

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