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The world of snow is preparing for the Green Ski Revolution!

How to inform of the existence of the first petroleum free skis created thanks to the Italian biotechnology of our customer Solaris Biotech Solutions?
We at StudioRPR have listened to the customer and learned all his needs, finding the solution to the problem.

The first step was to plan an online event starring those who have given life to a unique innovation.
The second part saw us engaged in the search for reference figures in the world of skiing. We couldn’t have wished for anything better than two athletes, of course a man and a woman.

The aim of the project was to give notoriety to all partners and the main newspapers recognized the relevance of the topic by giving it wide prominence.

Numerous searches and calls made it possible to make this event known on the web. People began to take an interest and finally on February 9, 2021 at 5:30 pm our work paid off.
Between national and overseas connections, all ski enthusiasts have been able to imagine a new and sustainable way to ski and have learned that behind there is the enabling technology of our customer Solaris!



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