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This year, StudioRPR is participating in Europe’s most important event dedicated to space, the 16th European Space Conference taking place at the Square Brussels Convention Center, in Brussels on 23 and 24 January.

2023 was a decisive year for the European space sector, Europe continues to take significant steps to strengthen

its capabilities, foster the growth of a strong space ecosystem and secure its position in the space sector in a changing global environment.

Building on the successes of previous editions, the European Space Conference will take stock of the current space landscape in Europe and provide the backdrop for focused, dynamic and stimulating discussions on the future of European space ambitions and initiatives.

StudioRPR will attend the conference together with its clients Arianegroup and Arianespace, leading French aerospace companies.

Pictured from left: Gregory Gavroy, vice-president, chief brand and communications officer at Arianespace, Astrid Emerit, head of corporate media at Arianegroup and Raffaello Porro, public relations advisor in Italy for Arianegroup and Arianespace.

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