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On 25 November 2023, a conference was held at the Politecnico of Turin on Artificial Intelligence, a highly topical issue in an ever-changing world.

It is a central topic for the digital transformation of society, which could lead to major changes in the future.

This conference was organised by CAReGIVER together with StudioRPR, with the aim of dealing with and deepening various aspects of AI, enabling even non-experts in the field to have a clearer and more complete representative overview of this topic.

Specifically, some of the most significant applications of Artificial Intelligence were discussed, such as its role in the autonomous driving of motor vehicles, early diagnosis in medicine and the prediction of the remaining life of infrastructures such as bridges and tunnels.

The social, ethical, reliability, transparency, privacy, accountability and veracity aspects of the data that AI uses to propose its answers and the possibility of fake news were also mentioned.

However, the importance of 25 November, the world day against violence against women, has not been forgotten. In this regard, Barbara Caputo, lecturer at the Department of Automation and Informatics – DAUIN and the Rector’s Contact Person for Initiatives on Artificial Intelligence, expressed her position: ‘Today, on the day against violence against women, I would like to remember Giulia Cecchettin. If surveillance cameras were connected to AI algorithms, an alert would probably be triggered to intervene in real time. Here is a concrete, current example of AI at the service of the individual. Today, this is not the case; unfortunately, the images taken only serve judicial purposes. Let’s hope that soon they will also serve to save people.”

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