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Solaris Biotech, a leading Italian company in the production of biotech solutions for the creation of vaccines, resins, biofuels and cultivated proteins, attended the eighth edition of MantovaScienza, the science festival held in the city of Mantua.

The theme presented was entitled ‘CULTIVATING THE FUTURE – the world of cultured meat and bioreactors’ and was exhibited by Giulia Casarini.

The aim of this intervention is to disseminate information and knowledge about cultivated protein production, an area of interest that is still little known but is growing steadily and is of fundamental importance for the future.

The great importance of this issue is due to the fact that cultivated proteins offer an ecological solution, respecting the health and welfare of animals and safeguarding the fragile ecosystem of the earth, reducing pollution and producing food free of antibiotics and microplastics.

It is from these assumptions that the need arises to find alternative ways of meeting our demand for food, particularly protein, in a more sustainable way.

The Solaris seminar was a great success, in a packed Sala delle Capriate, the audience in attendance showed great curiosity and openness towards the subject matter.

We can be satisfied with the work done in organising the event, ranging from the media action, coordinated with Confindustria Mantova, which enabled us to achieve remarkable results, to the subtitling of the videos used in the presentation and the production of a short emotional video clip delivered to the client two hours after the event.
This goal was also achieved thanks to the valuable collaboration with the client Solaris, in particular Camilla Gobbi.

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