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The Fogger device, produced by Smart Fluids, was created to ensure an ecological, safe and rapid disinfection of environments, coronavirus-proof. The video, conceived and produced by the StudioRPR agency, is structured like a fairy tale in which the protagonist explores the different ways to eliminate the coronavirus and sanitize objects and places.

The new video-spot for the social campaign of Smart Fluids is conceived like a fairy tale. Smart Fluids is an Italian start-up that entered the sanitation sector at the end of 2020, launching Fogger, a new device for the rapid, safe and ecological disinfection of environments.

The protagonist of the video, which lasts 4 minutes and is created by STUDIORPR, an international business development and communication agency based in Carpi,(Modena, Italy), is a modern princess looking for a magical talisman to fight coronavirus. After exploring the different ways to eliminate the virus, the protagonist discovers, with the help of magical objects, that the most effective, quick and healthy solution is precisely the Fogger. The completion of this journey of discovery is sealed by a spectacular kick to an apple-sized coronavirus. The ball-kicking act has the effect of magic and the princess transforms into a scientist who, in the last minutes of the video, illustrates the operation of the Fogger with professorial competence.

Playing on the actor’s performance and the rhythm of the gags and comic tempos, the commercial uses a hyperbolic, pop and comic style to illustrate the characteristics of the product in a simple, clear and direct way.

The video, starring Angela Delfini, was conceived, written and directed by Raffaello Porro, shot and edited by Matteo Torsani and produced by the StudioRPR agency. The shooting lasted one day and was made in the headquarters of Smart Fluids in Porto Mantovano (Mantova, Italy). Two days of cutting completed the work plan. The video was shot simultaneously in Italian and English.

Raffaello Porro, owner of StudioRPR: «StudioRPR normally works on business development and communication projects. In this case we have carried out a vertical study dealing with a specific product with a lean and highly qualified team. The alternation of overview and specific drill down allows us to have a strategic approach without losing contact with reality to the benefit of customer service.

In the coming weeks, the video will be the subject of a viral campaign on social media for the promotion of Smart Fluids Fogger, launched on the market at the end of 2020.

To watch the video, click here.

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