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The YouTube video of Chiara Seidenader’s talk at TEDx in Modena is finally online: http://al TEDx in Modena

Her participation in the event held on 28 October 2023 was proposed by StudioRPR.

The title of the topic she brought was: ‘Epigenetics: how to nourish body and mind’.

Basically, epigenetics highlights the profound influence of our environment and experiences on the expression of our genes, shaping who we are and who we can become.

Proposing a speaker at a TEDx is always a gamble. However prepared, however good, however motivated a person may be, the excitement of the stage can always play tricks on them.

However, the challenge to be faced in this case was the TED guidelines. Chiara’s speech bordered on the guidelines and before publishing it, TED officials in New York wanted the scientific evidence (publications, articles, books) behind her claims. The evidence was provided so the speech was approved and published. Bet won!

Kudos to Chiara Seidenader for skilfully and clearly expounding this interesting topic, but also to the TEDx Modena coaches and our leader Fabrizio Bulgarelli for making it all possible.

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