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The CAReGIVER group is organising, with the support of StudioRPR, a conference on 5 March at 3 p.m. at the Politecnico di Torino on a very important topic for society: the energy transition that is revolutionising the European automotive industry.

The aim is to take a look at the possible future to help answer several questions that many people are asking.

CAReGIVER has already organised a conference on a similar topic at the Politecnico and one on artificial intelligence, and is making an important contribution to knowledge on automotive-related topics at various venues.

The speakers at the conference, both technicians and professors, are specialists in the individual topics and will be able to pass on the fundamental information needed to understand the changes in which we will all participate, more or less consciously, in the great transformation underway towards the abandonment of fossil fuels, with the aim of reducing both the polluting gases emitted in their combustion to improve the health of us all, and the climate-altering gases to contain anthropogenic warming of the atmosphere.

The conference will focus on the reasonableness of buying an electric car today in Italy by ‘vivisecting’ some twenty parameters to understand the advantages/disadvantages of electric cars compared to those with a thermic engine.

This intervention will therefore be extremely useful for those who are about to become their own car user or perhaps even owner.

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