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Beppe Gianoglio, organizer for 40 years of Automotoretrò, entered the Hall of Fame of Concorso Italiano.

The nomination, with the consequent assignment of the La Bella Macchina Award, was officialized on August 19th at Concorso in Seaside (CA), where Gianoglio could not attend for personal reasos.

The opportunity for the hand over was offered by Festivalcar, the concours d’elegance organized by the car webzine Autoappassionati, which this year brought together a hundred cars and a large crowd of collectors and enthusiasts.

Raffaello Porro, ambassador of Concorso Italiano in Italy, presented the award to Beppe Gianoglio at the opening of the prize ceremony, together with the director of Autoappassionati Federico Ferrero

The motivation of this award is linked to the foundation of Automoretrò since 1983, that offers a selection of the best jewels of the past two and four wheels, promoting private collecting, the trade of cars, spare parts and memorabilia and the spread of motor culture.

The event was born on a modest scale, but under his visionary guidance it has grown steadily year after year.

The organizers’ intent has always been to share their passion with the large public, encouraging private collecting and the spread of motoring culture.

Porro and Ferrero have known and respected each other since 2007, so it was natural to initiate this Concorso intervention as a “guest” in Festivalcar.

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