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Yesterday evening, the 5th of December 2023, an event of which we are particularly proud took place: the meeting with Giovanni Soldini, Italy’s most successful ocean sailor, at the Politecnico of Turin.

The meeting was organised by StudioRPR with the cooperation of CAReGIVER, FIV (Italian Sailing Federation), Polito Sailing Team and the Politecnico of Turin. It was open to the public and addressed to all sailing, sea, nature and technology enthusiasts.

Soldini talked about the challenges and successes he has achieved with the trimaran Maserati Multi70 and exchanged views with the young engineering students of the Polito Sailing Team, a winning group of 80 boys and girls who design, build and sail high-performance flying boats, so the confrontation involved two different generations united by the same passion.

Also present at the meeting was Federico Morisio, an acrobatic windsurfing champion from Turin, connected from Chile, who was able to participate from a distance, sharing his thoughts and reflections.

The event turned out to be a great success, the Aula Magna of the Politecnico was full and many people, unable to come, connected via live streaming.

The audience showed great interest, and at the end of Soldini’s speech asked a wide range of questions and curiosities.

At the end of the event, Soldini was also presented with an honorary membership certificate by the Polito Sailing Team, as a symbol of the esteem that young students feel towards the great ocean sailor.

The meeting was devised by StudioRPR. In particular, we were in charge of coordinating the organisation of the event with the Politecnico and Soldini’s staff, involving the city’s institutions, the FIV, the Piedmont, Liguria and Lombardy sections of the Lega Navale, the schools and nautical clubs belonging to the same regions.

We also took care of the image and direction of the event and coached the Polito Sailing Team.

You can watch the entire recording of the meeting on StudioRPR’s YouTube channel:

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